The New History of C. Snouck Hurgronje: Revealing the Marriage, Conversion to Islam, and His Family in Priangan

Jajang A Rohmana


This study focuses on the controversial issue on the C. Snouck Hurgronje’s family in the Dutch East Indies in the twentieth century. It is an issue that had emerged some debates among scholars in the 1980s. This is related to the objection of the Dutch colonial government on Snouck’s marriage with indigenous women. The colonial government forbids European to marriage indigenous women because it would impair their status and make it difficult in careers. This study confirms previous works of van Koningsveld on the existence of Snouck’s wife and children in Priangan. I used historical analysis of the letters of Hasan Mustapa to Snouck Hurgronje (Cod. Or. 8952). I argue that the reading of Snouck's history has to be placed into his position as a colonial official who may be worried about the rule of the colonial government. This study shows that Snouck cannot be considered completely irresponsible to his family. He constantly cared for his family from the distance through his correspondence with Hasan Mustapa, one of his close friends. It is important to correct the confusion of morality issue of Snouck who regarded has left his family. It is another dark side of story of colonialism related to racial relations between a European man and his indigenous wife and children in the issue of Nyai and concubine age in the Dutch East Indies.


Hasan Mustapa; history; indigenous; letters; Snouck Hurgronje



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