Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities

Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities (JISH), ISSN: 2527-8401 (p) 2527-838X (e)is a peer-reviewed and open access journal published by the Postgraduate Program of Walisongo State Islamic University, Semarang. It kindly invites original articles on a broad range of issues within Islamic studies and humanities. Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities intends to publish a high-standard of theoretical or empirical research articles within the scope of Islamic studies and humanities, which include but are not limited to theology, cultural studies, philology, law, philosophy, literature, archaeology, history, sociology, anthropology, art, library and information of science. All accepted manuscripts will be published both online and in printed forms.

Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities (JISH), published twice a year, always places Islamic studies and humanities in the central focus of academic inquiry. This journal, serving as a forum for the study of Islam in Indonesia and other parts of the world within its local and challenging global context, supports focused studies of a particular theme and interdisciplinary studies. Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities (JISH) has become a medium of diffusion and exchange of ideas and research findings, so much so that researchers, writers, and readers from various traditions of learning have interacted in a scholarly manner. This journal warmly welcomes contributions from scholars of related disciplines.

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Vol 5, No 1 (2020): Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities

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Fajar Syarif
alfian qodri azizi
elysa najachah
najichah najichah najichah, Alfian Qodri Azizi
Wenny Dwi Kurniati
Mochammad Maola