P-Convexity Property in Musielak-Orlicz Function Space of Bohner Type

Yulia Romadiastri*  -  Mathematics Education Department, Faculty of Sains and Technology, Universitas Islam Negeri Walisongo, Central Java, Indonesia

(*) Corresponding Author
In this paper, we described about Musielak-Orlicz function spaces of Bochner type. It has been obtained that Musielak-Orlicz function space of Bochner type becomes a Banach space. It is described also about P-convexity of Musielak-Orlicz function space of Bochner type. It is proved that the Musielak-Orlicz function space of Bochner type is P-convex if and only if both spaces and X are P-convex.©2017 JNSMR UIN Walisongo. All rights reserved.

Keywords : Musielak-Orlicz Function; Musielak-Orlicz Functio; Bochner type; PConvex

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