library_books Journal History

    1. Phenomenon: Jurnal Pendidikan MIPA was established in August 2011, with ISSN Number: 2088-7868 (print media) based on Decree no. 0005.009/JI.3.2/SK.ISSN/2011.08 - August 4, 2011, and ISSN Number: 2502-5708 (online media) based on Decree no. 0005.25025708/JI.3.1/SK.ISSN/2016.02 - February 23, 2016.
    2. The journal is published twice a year. The first journal is published in printed edition in November 2011
    3. In 2011 – 2021 all articles were published in Indonesian
    4. In 2016, Phenomenon: Jurnal Pendidikan MIPA become a CrossRef member and have a unique DOI number
    5. From 2022, all articles will publish in English
    6. 2011 and 2014 each published consists of 10 articles.
    7. From 2015 until now, each publication consists of 9 articles
    8. In Vol 8 No 1 (2018) the editor of Phenomenon: Jurnal Pendidikan MIPA, changes layout design, related to changes in fonts and the placement of images and tables.
    9. In 2019, Phenomenon: Jurnal Pendidikan MIPA accredited SINTA 3 by the Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency of Republic Indonesia, Decree No. 36/E/KPT/2019
    10. Phenomenon: Jurnal Pendidikan MIPA is currently indexed in several journal indexers: CROSSREF, DOAJ, Google Scholar, Moraref, Sinta, One Search Indonesia, BASE, etc.
    11. Phenomenon: Jurnal Pendidikan MIPA was awarded Publication Grant by the Funding Program for Research-Based Journal Accreditation in 2018 from The Directorate of Islamic Higher Education, Directorate General of Islamic Education, Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs. (See Decree)

Phenomenon: Jurnal Pendidikan MIPA
Published by Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Walisongo Semarang
Jl Prof. Dr. Hamka Kampus III Ngaliyan Semarang 50185
Phone: +62 815-7502-8676