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In the April 2013 issue of volume 15 number 1, Journal Wahana Akademika substituted the subtitle, previously Jurnal Wahana Akademika: Media Komunikasi Ilmiah dan Pengembangan PTAIS with No. ISSN 8296-3002 changed to Journal of the Academic Wahana: Jurmal Sudi Islam and Social.

In the April 2013 issue volume 16 number 1, Journal Wahana Akademika started using No. The new ISSN is 1829-6300. This edition becomes the first edition (Volume 1 number 1, April 2014) with the new name Journal Wahana Akademika: Jurnal Studi Islam dan Sosial.

Wahana Jurnal Studi Islam and Sosial is currently improving the management of journals. To improve the quality of articles, start Volume 6, Number 1 2019 the number of articles is reduced to 6 articles in each issue. In addition, currently all articles that sumbit will be screened through turnitin with a maximum limit of 25%. Reference writing management also currently uses mendeley in accordance with applicable guidelines.


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